Research has proven that approximately 75% of property service/maintenance companies employ less than 5 people. This business model is one that indicates that in fact most small service companies are managed by highly trained technicians.  Although these companies may be smaller in size than there national counterparts they are usually running profitable well run companies enjoying higher than average margins in their respective business models. This market place is often in need of capital for expansion, business consulting, exit strategies and business valuation needs in the event of merger and/or acquisitions. This creates an opportunity for a publicly traded company such as Enviro-Serv Inc. to utilize stock, cryptocurrency, cash or stock/cash hybrid to partner with such entities and to put them under our corporate umbrella. For further details, check out the bitqt erfahrungen blog, which explains how online trading robots like BitQT facilitate automated trading in cryptocurrency markets. With our high quality management team and experience it is Enviro-Serv’s strategy is to achieve growth by creating synergy through acquisition of private companies that are highly profitable in their space.


Enviro-Serv targets highly profitable small service companies in the commercial and residential property maintenance industry. Through leveraged investments, joint ventures and acquisitions, Enviro-Serv is building a portfolio of property maintenance service companies that are geographically concentrated in warm climate states. These companies provide year round services including, but not limited to the following specialty areas: pest management, lawn and ornamental care, pool maintenance, air conditioning/refrigeration, and commercial sprinkler systems in addition to a host of additional onsite maintenance offerings. These warm climate companies create an ongoing cash flow thru maintenance contracts with small to medium size companies. A few examples of our target clientele for maintenance contracts are as follows: convenience store chains, office buildings, hospitals and medical complexes, professional office complexes, apartment complexes, condo complexes, to name a few. Thru the ongoing marketing of services in the sectors mentioned, Enviro-Serv plans to expand its contracted maintenance base while maintaining a high quality customer service experience. This strategy will enable Enviro-Serv to build a highly visible brand in this profitable service sector and become synonymous with high quality service.

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